Someone at my school made these in response to my principal announcing a dress code that, as usual, only applied to girls, and I’m kind of proud

I love this so hard.

Damn straight.

1: Males are also subject to dress codes. The exact same ones too. So a guy cant wear ridiculously short shorts or a mesh tank top. 2: They have nothing to do with sexualization. Schools are enforcing rules to make students dress at least somewhat professionally. (Also why schools dont generally allow students to wear shirts that say “fuck da police” or “420 blaze it”.) 3: I can actually feel the bourgeoisie radiating off of these.

^^^ Oh yeah because you see those teenage boys wearing booty shorts and spaghetti straps EVERYWHERE right? It applies to EVERYONE? 

It applies to ANYONE breaking a dress code. Hell most schools dont allow shoulders to be showing. Guys and girls get dress coded for tank tops all the time. A simple solution to this would be to follow the dress code. And one again, its not about sexualization. Very few people believe male teenagers froth at the mouth and forget school work at the sight of a bare female thigh, most of that comes from the opinionated ramblings of teenagers (aka “the right opinions”) its about enforcing a style of professional dress.